Who We Are

K2 new board of directorsK2 Telecom is an indigenous brand with a vision to become the leading and most popular people oriented telecom brand in Uganda!

The vision of this telecom company is to enable social-economic development through provision of reliable, quality and affordable telecom services.

We hopefully believe you will find answers for all questions you have about K2 Telecom here. On 31 Dec, 2012, His Majesty Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II, Ssabasajja Kabaka of Buganda Kingdom made the first call on the network at an annual mammoth gathering end of year celebrations “Enkuuka 2012” in his majestic Mengo Palace, marking the company launch. In his own remarks, he urged people in Buganda and Uganda to join the first indigenous Telecom network as he encouraged them to work hard and at the same time save the hardly earned income in this extremely competitive market environment.

We believe that innovative and productive research and development is the only sustainable way to create true and enduring value for all of our stakeholders, and we are focused on tackling some of both the modern telecom and communication most daunting challenges. We continue to deliver long-term returns by pursuing opportunities where the need is great and where we have unique capabilities to make a real difference in people’s lives.

Much as we are proud of our fast progress, we remain focused on the task ahead of us, we must address the ongoing challenge of creating a countrywide strategy to expand access to our services and products in both developed and developing markets while continuing to build a sustainable business.

We will continue to focus on providing unique services, with smart design and value – built on global platforms, best-in-class quality, cost effective and safety.

In times faced ahead, K2 Telecom will aim for continued partnership with our people in growth and development even when the global economic crisis shows no signs of abating. We sincerely believe we have an obligation, as well as an opportunity to help meet people’s unmet needs by advancing efficient products and services at affordable and sustainable prices.

In order for us to do this, I believe that telecom players and other stakeholders must work collaboratively to bring efficient, effective, affordable services to the customers. It is therefore, imperative, that K2 continues in the telecom industry, building partnerships with a wide range of stakeholders to advance innovations to enable access to services, and help improve people’s quality of welfare across the country.

Our Mission:

  • To Provide Effective Communication That Will Improve Livelihoods


  • Mobile solutions to SMs, voice calls and internet services

We are sincerely grateful, for your interest in K2 Telecom, and we encourage you to explore more of our Web site. Feel free to contact us on any of our social media accounts  with any comments, questions or feedback that you may have.


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