Enterprise Collaboration

Audio conferencing:

Audio conferencing allows people in different locations to connect simultaneously, through conventional telephone services. It allows any number of participants to communicate when they are physically unable to be present at the same time.

Put simply, it’s the ability to communicate simultaneously with colleagues such as staff, customers, suppliers etc. whenever you want using telephone services.

Conferencing can be anything from a simple three-way impromptu phone call to a large relations event with 2,500 people listening to the conference using a telephone line. Airtel’s enterprise-class, on-demand, voice conferencing service provides a platform for organizations to hold instant, multi-party meetings using a telephone line as a means of connection.

It supports concurrent multiparty meetings on the system without any interference between meetings. They are used by service companies to allow their customers to call in without them being charged. Main customers include but are not limited to service companies Water Service Providers, Power Service Companies, Call Centers, etc.

Call Setup :

Airtel Conferencing Competitive Offer Traditional Approaches
Re-usable host/guest passcodes – at every meeting instance, invited participants simply call the service dial-in number and enter multi-party conference using the passcode provided by meeting organiser With other local service providers, each meeting instance needs to be scheduled and new passcodes issued. Each participant calls the organiser’s personal phone number to hold individual or multi-party conversation
Passcodes do not expire if the conference does not occur as scheduled Reservations delayed for 20 minutes beyond scheduled time are lost. Multiparty discussion subject to a maximum of 6 participants
No limit on the number of participants Cumbersome conference reservation through IVR Call drop on organiser’s phone number means all participants need to re-initiate the call
The conference may not start until the host joins A limited number(<=20) of participants per conference
Call drop by a party (host or participants) does not end the conference The conference can be initiated with a guest passcode

In-Call Management :

Airtel Conferencing Competitive Offer Traditional Approaches
The host can effectively control the conference call with a rich set of IVR control features using standard DTMF key combinations With other service providers, the limited control features available do not allow the host to effectively control the conference. Each participant can only individually mute their phones.
The host can mute individual participant phones Keystrokes on individual phones play into the conference Background noise plays into the conference if a participant does not mute phone as required.

Benefits of Audio Conferencing:

  • Reduce Costs – You can conduct as many conferences as you need, with as many people as you need, without incurring additional charges above the line toll costs.
  • Security – Audio conference access is protected through the use of conference IDs, unique participant PINs and passwords
  • Ease of use – All relevant information is generated automatically and sent to the users in the conference. Once the meeting has started, the leader has full control of the telephone keypad.
  • Voice Recording – Conference proceeding can be recorded and referred to later.
  • Convenience – Participants can participate wherever they are. i.e. in offices, at home, on the move and anytime etc.

Why Conferencing?

As businesses develop bigger, the need for ongoing collaboration becomes higher to enable operational synergy and efficiency With less travel and faster decision making, conferencing offers businesses a way to respond to day-to-day challenges quickly and effectively – ultimately helping to increase productivity and gain competitive advantage Arranging meetings and events can sometimes be frustrating and expensive especially with getting the right people together at the right time.

It’s not always possible, practical or cost-effective to travel to meetings with colleagues, customers or stakeholders and this is where conferencing helps businesses Conferencing is possible at a very short notice to handle urgent and important issues.

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