Enterprise Connectivity

Site Interconnection (Leased Line)

This is a service used to connect two or more business locations. It is sometimes known as a Private Circuit, Dedicated Circuits or Leased Circuits. Leased lines are used by businesses to connect geographically distant offices nationally and beyond.

It carries both Voice and data solutions


  • Unique only to one customer and is not shared( It is always active and dedicated) Fast, reliable and on connection all the time
  • Secure and all information is safe
  • Compatible with other IT Applications
  • Covers a wide geographical Area
  • It is non metered service with a flat billing
  • Multiple applications (Data transfer, Internet, Voice over IP, Video and Audio transfer)

Machine to Machine (Private APN)

  • More connections for you with APN
  • The Airtel M2M solution is designed to provide enterprise customers secure access to private LAN & WAN infrastructure, and enterprise databases/applications over Airtel’ s mobile data network.

Applications include:

  • Point of Sale Terminals( Supermarkets, fuel stations etc)
  • Fleet Management (Car Tracking)
  • Sports Betting
  • Utility Payment Solutions e.g. Payway
  • Digital Billboards
  • Telemetric Solutions (Telemedicine)
  • Water Payment Systems

Hosting (Co-Location) Services

  • Airtel provides server hosting facilities to shield against the disasters that may occur in a company.
  • The Company will locate its servers at the Airtel Data Center and have a leased line or Internet linking.
  • Ideal for some companies that do not have ample office space to securely host their servers.
  • Airtel provides Rack Space and Space In Rack.

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