Value Added Services


A service which entertains callers by a song playing in the background as the call goes through before the other party receives.

To activate:

  • Tune copying: Calling any of the allocated phone numbers loaded with tunes & they long-press the star (*9) button.
  • IVR option: By dialling 157 and listening to the variety of the tunes & following the commands to get the desired tune.
  • USSD Method: By dialling *157# Yes/Ok & selecting preferred option.

Cost for the service:

  • Service subscription 700/- for 30 days.
  • Song download 700/- for 30days.
  • An unlimited number of songs – 1600/- per month.
  • Dialling 157 is free of charge.


A service that allows a customer to get advance airtime, voice bundle or a data bundle on credit and pay later. Procedure to borrow:

  • Dial *155# for airtime credit and
  • Dial *143# for voice or data bundle on credit

Terms and conditions:

  • Charge per activation is 11%
  • Must be fully registered. Dial *197# to confirm status.
  • Can’t borrow with an outstanding unpaid loan
  • Money is recovered next time customer tops up.
  • To qualify to access Beerako, you need to have topped-up at least UGX 800 and spent at least 30 days on the network.


Tugabane also known as Multi-surf is an exciting service that allows you to share your internet data with your friends, family, peers and other devices. The number activating the Tugabane is sponsor account while the numbers being activated are the dependents. You can activate up to a total of 4 dependent numbers onto your account to share the data. Therefore the maximum number of users on a single Tugabane multi-surf account is 5.

Please follow the steps below to activate Tugabane:

  • Dial *175#
  • Choose Option 5: Data share
  • Select option 1: Tugabane
  • Select option 1: To activate
  • Select option 2: To deactivate
  • Select option 3: To check status
  • Please enter number


  • SMS: 2U 075/070xxxx <space><amount><space> password send to  132
  • USSD: Dial *100#, Select 7, My Account, Select 5, Me2u

Terms and conditions:

  • Minimum transfer amount: UGX 100
  • Daily Maximum per transaction amount of Airtime: UGX 17,000
  • Maximum Daily transfer amount: UGX 51,000
  • Maximum Daily transactions limit: 3 transactions
  • Maximum Monthly transfer amount : UGX 1,600,000
  • Maximum Monthly transactions limit: 95 transactions
  • New transaction ME2U charges to 3% for any transaction, if 3% of the transferred amount is less than 110 then the charge amount is 110.

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